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Roseanny Campos

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Traduzir 21-03-2019


Kauft nur bei diesem Laden, wenn ihr sicher seid, dass ihr alles behalten wollt!
Leider habe ich die vielen schlechten reviews erst gesehen, nachdem ich bei Cupshe bestellt hatte und 3 von 4 Teilen zurückgeben wollte, weil sie nicht passen. Der Kundenservice antwortet einfach trotz mehrfachen Anschreiben nicht. Das Geschäftsgebaren dieser Firma ist nur als gewinnoptimiert auf Kosten der Kunden zu bezeichnen. Ein solches Vorgehen habe ich auch bei chinesischen Verkäufern anderer Onlineshops noch nie erlebt.
Man kann vor denen nur warnen: nicht dort kaufen!!! Für Kommunikation weniger als 0 Sterne!!!
Traduzir 18-03-2019

Gudrun F.

Diese Firma scheint nur aus Produktion,Vermarktung und Versand zu bestehen.Selbst wenn man die kostenpflichtige Retoure akzeptiert,ist doch nicht einzusehen,warum man einer mysteriösen Rücksendeadresse erst auf die Spur kommen muss.Ist so ein Geschäftsgebaren legal????
Traduzir 14-03-2019


Produkte sind qualitativ gut und schön. Wenn man aber etwas zurück senden möchte hat man ein Problem. Schlechte Kommunikation, tausend E mails bis man vielleicht einmal den gesamten Preis rückerstattet bekommt. Ich bin sehr sauer, würde es nicht weiterempfehlen und auch selbst nicht mehr dort bestellen.
Traduzir 13-03-2019

susanne zeller

ich finde den Laden total unseriös!!! Sie bauschen ihre werbung so auf, dass mann sich in Sicherheit wiegt, Ich möchte meine Sendung zurückschcken, bekomme aber weder eine Antwort noch einen Hinweis wohin ich es senden soll.ich habe sie mehrfach angeschrieben und es werden lediglich hxroglyphenartige Reaktionen zurückgemailt mit kommischen Aussagen die wohl durch den chinesischen Google übersetzer gejagt wurden und meine Fragen nicht beantworten. Vielleicht ist das Fimenpolitik.
Kann mir jemand helfen iund mir eine Rücksendeadresse mitteilen
Traduzir 26-02-2019


hola hacen envíos a Canarias?
Traduzir 01-09-2018


The company is fraudulent and tries by all means to keep the money. It will be advertised with a free return, which, however, will not be offered. When you then return the goods, you must send the tracking number to the company before a refund is initiated.

The company is super dubious!
Don't shop here!!!!!!!!!
Traduzir 22-08-2018


Je suis tombé sur Cupshe en cherchant des maillots de bains par hasard sur Internet. J'en ai vu un magnifique !!! (falbala taille basse). J'ai fais des recherches sur ce site chinois et j'ai vraiment pris peur en voyant les avis. J'ai failli ne pas le prendre et puis j'ai tenté quand même... en ne prenant qu'un maillot de bain. Je m'attendais à l'avoir après mon départ en vacances malgré le fast shipping (voir ne jamais le recevoir).
Eh bien sachez que je l'ai eu en moins d'une semaine, que la qualité est très bien pour son prix et la taille parfaite ! (pensez juste convertir les tailles avec leur guide). Peut être que j'ai eu de la chance en voyant les autres commentaire mais franchement il n'y à rien à dire tout était top !!! :D Si vous en voyez un joli et que vous hésitez, prenez un seul article au cas ou mais ne vous privez pas.
Traduzir 27-06-2018


lange Lieferzeit, komplizierte Rücksendung, man kann eigentlich nichts zurückschicken, man kriegt ein Angebot über einen Gutschein oder 50 % Rückerstattung, wirklich schlecht
Traduzir 14-06-2018


I placed an order, then discovered that it wasn't complete. So, within the hour, I wrote and asked to amend my order to add the remaining items, and thus qualify for free expedited shipping. I was told it had already been shipped, that it wasn't possible to amend, but that they would give me a full credit and to place a second order. This sounded odd, so I asked for confirmation, and was told that my order had been cancelled, but that it had been shipped and that I did not need to return the items. And, I did receive a full credit. So, I placed my second order for the remaining items, not using the full credit, and paid extra for the shipping. Weeks later, I've given up trying to have them send the original order - I'd just like to be refunded the credit that I'm due. Their communication in English is sorely lacking and not at all clear.
Traduzir 08-06-2018

Cece Morez

Ordené algunos trajes de baño hace unas semanas, pedí envió express y me llegó en 4 días hábiles. Muy buena calidad y la talla excelente y ajustable.
Volví a pedir pero ahora utilicé el método de Standard Shipping, espero que la experiencia sea igual de buena como con el express shipping...
Traduzir 30-05-2018


Hola, sanben si hacem envios a la cuidad de Mexico?
Traduzir 24-04-2018


my order has never arrived and I have not got the money back. the answer to my email was: that the package is back at those ubd I would only get a coupon .. So a shit and the only one purely put! NEVER AGAIN
Traduzir 21-04-2018

Customer from Germany

Bikini I ordered never arrived, after getting in touch with Cupshe they gave misleading answers. On the first mail they said that there is a delay in delivery and I should contact them, if my order was more than 20 days ago, which was the case and I already wrote in my first email. After answering again that the order was placed more than 20 days ago, they told me my package was was sent back to sender, although I indicated a correct address. I opened a case with PayPal to get my money back and then Cupshe wrote me to close the PayPal case first and they will then resend me the bikini or refund me - which I of course didn't do. I got my money back now and I will never ever order with Cupshe again and I do not recommend anyone else to order there!! They just try to get your money and are not sending out the orders.
Traduzir 19-03-2018

Alyssa Renee

I have emailed three times and no response. I ordered over a week ago, used the tracking # they gave me, and USPS tells me label was created, but not yet in system. What is going on???
Traduzir 26-02-2018


Don't shop from them! BUYERS BEWARE!

They respond slowly to emails, but respond quickly at their reviews... On February 7, 2018, I placed an order for a SMALL sized Cupshe Paint My Dream Halter One-Piece Swimsuit in grey and February 21, 2018, I received the package but the size is a MEDIUM.
I really need the small ASAP for an upcoming trip, so it's really disappointing that I waited the 2 weeks to receive the wrong size.
Order #1846010

Fix it, or PayPal and the BBB will fix it for you; I don't care. I will not sit and be ignored when this was your mess up. I clearly ordered a SMALL and you sent a MEDIUM, it's an easy exchange and I shouldn't have to wait another 2 weeks to receive a replacement or to get a response. I have screenshots of everything.
(^^^This is what I was telling the company.)


They finally responded and they wanted me to keep the swimsuit and give me $11 back OR give me a $24 store credit.
Turned them down, said I want my actual money and I no longer want to shop with them seeing how they do business. (If they mess up my order I use the credit for, there's no refund)

Then they said they can either give me a $30 store credit or I keep the swimsuit and they refund $18 or I can return it and pay for shipping.
I told them I'm not paying for something that I didn't mess up. And I don't want to shop with them. And I workout 5 days a week so I'm not going to fit into a medium.

Then they asked me to "repeal" my reviews on FB and SiteJabber and I can get a full refund!
I told him I won't delete my reviews, but I'll update to say they solved my issue.
This wasn't enough, I had to go through PP to get my money back and because of their lies, they wanted me to pay shipping back to CHINA, luckily, PP helped me out because they saw the extremities I went through with these people and how long I've been with PP and NEVER had issues.

Please stay away from CupShe! It isn't worth the stress!

Oh and even though I sent them a picture of the actual swimsuit having an M for Medium, they still said it was a Small because the packing had an S on it. Yeah, they will do anything to keep the money.

They can't admit when they are wrong and will try to bribe you to give you a full refund because they rather give partial refunds or store credits! And if you shop with their store credits and they mess up again? You can NOT get a refund or exchange or even complain about the item. I have emails of PROOF!

Traduzir 31-08-2017

Angry Customer

I ordered items months ago - they never arrived. I waited, I emailed, I was assured they would arrive...months later they conceded that they were never dispatched but have told me it's not too late for a refund! Stay away unless you enjoy giving your money away!
Traduzir 10-02-2017


He de reconocer que estaba algo asustada por los comentarios de los demás clientes pero en mi caso ha sido excelente ya que hice el pedido el día 2 de febrero y lo he recibido el día 10 de febrero. La descripción y foto del artículo es exactamente igual a lo que he recibido. Muy contenta con Cupshe.
Traduzir 20-10-2016


If i could give a ZERO, I would! DONT GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY! In my opinion They are a money stealing empire! You can NOT GET IN CONTACT WITH THEM. THEY WILL IGNORE You if you attempt to contact them!
Traduzir 10-10-2016


NO Compren en esta tienda online, NO ENVÍAN TU COMPRA, Se quedan con tu dinero y No responden los correos de reclamo y explicaciones.

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